Competitor Analytics

A simple question like “Why did sales slow down this month?” often results in a complex model based on a mixed (internal and external) data base. Competitor analytics capabilities have become substantially easier with the emergence of cutting edge data collecting technologies. Gold Miner’s solution for competitor analytics is built around a systematic data collection approach: Collect, collate, complete and analyze data.
  • External Data Bases: Gold Miners has developed processes to merge purchased external data bases (BDI, D&B, Nielsen, Storenext, Central Bureau of Statistics etc.) with your enterprise data warehouse.

  • Financial Reports:  Industry benchmarking, a commonly requested service, is now enhanced with collect/record functions in a standard template and competitor report analysis - a basic tool in competitor analytics. 

  • Web and Social Networks Analytics: Unstructured and structured data collection from web sites and social networks has became the hot trend of recent years. However, data modeling for missing data and transforming data into business insights still requires strong statistical and analytical capabilities. Gold Miners combines sampling, times series, text mining and data mining methods to transform unstructured data into a core business value.

  • Customers Surveys: Market Watch & Gold Miner’s solution for customer surveys helps clients leverage internal data by incorporating soft data such as emotions, brand relationships and loyalty intentions.