Enterprise Performance Management

Activity-based Costing:  Cost management is the first step towards performance and process improvement. Gold Miners is a respected market leader in IT chargeback models, Long Run Incremental Costs for telecommunication organizations and cost/revenue centers management.
Budget Planning & Consolidation: A smart budgeting process should be based on accurate trend forecasting, but should also derive the cost center’s budget from targeted sales volumes. Gold Miners combines a strategic top-down approach with a bottom-up budget process - drawn from field insights and innovative statistical tools.
Cash Flow Forecasting: Accurate cash management can boost the role of accountants from merely supportive to key revenue generators. Gold Miners combines data integration, inter-departmental communication and forecasting methods to improve your ability to achieve an accurate cash flow forecast.
Strategy Management & Balanced Scorecard: Any corporate vision that relies on financial reports from a completed period is severely limited for long-term growth.
 Gold Miners helps your corporate strategy look to the future by translating your business unit’s strategy or mission statement into tangible objectives and measures.