About Us

Our Core Values

  • Profitability focus: We strive to provide our customers with analytical tools that enable sustainable growth based on advanced analytics. Analytical projects are complex, a common pitfall being to concentrate on irrelevant details. Gold Miners refocuses stakeholders to prioritize in line with expected profit.

  • Professionalism: We hand-pick, train and cultivate our consultants in an innovative and professional environment. We remain true to the academic origins of advanced analytics. Our services continue to incorporate learning, investigation and the most up-to-date methods to ensure our clients receive optimal solutions for their business.

  • Passion for analytics: We thrive in an interesting and exciting field. Our business analysts and statisticians are driven by a passion for their subject and a thirst to find new insights and answers.

  • Commitment: We value the qualities of customer-oriented service which guides us to timely and dedicated conclusions of the projects entrusted to us. This combined with the close and trusted relations we develop with our clients fosters a spirit of mutual assistance and cooperation.