We live in the Age of Information. Mobile phones, personal computers, credit cards, club memberships... even household appliances are now connected to the Internet and collecting information about our everyday life. This is especially true in business organizations, conducting thousands of transactions, which are cataloged and stored in virtually infinite data-bases. The question "What data to collect?" became irrelevant. Existing technology makes it easy to collect close to everything, and at negligible costs. The real challenge is to distill the cumbersome amounts of accumulated data into knowledge - knowledge that allows you to make decisions and draw conclusions - just like 19th century gold miners, separating the precious metal particles from the dirt.
At Gold Miners, we specialize in the art of business intelligence - art of refining raw data into meaningful knowledge. We combine the latest technology with the best human capital, and provide effective solutions for our customers, enabling them to achieve their business objectives.
This blog is a tool for sharing ideas and distribution of professional knowledge gained by Gold Miners over the years. You are welcome to share, comment, make suggestions and join our mutual passion for advanced business intelligence.
Thank you, we wish you a pleasant reading experience
- The Gold Miners team